11 September, 2013

Surviving August with Zuigo Madrid

In spite of August being a very quiet month in Madrid, our organisers made a big effort to uplift the spirtis of those who did not manage to get away from the city. Here is a summary of the activities they suggested:

Urban walk through Madrid's "Milla de Acero"

Our friends of Détente Madrid designed a new walk through the streets of Gran Vía and Fuencarral with their special Détente guide and their personal shopper. A great mix of history and shopping tips made this walk a very interesting experience, both for locals and tourists.

Perseids 2013 - Open till dawn 

How long since you spent a night under the stars? In the delightful environment of Casa Bellota, we spent a wonderful night which included a visit to the Moon Museum, night photography, stories, telescope, slow food, chill out and a bivouac under the stars in a juniper forest.

Legends and Mysteries of Madrid 

Do you really know your city? Madrid en Ruta opened our eyes in a journey through the mysteries and legends hidden in the old Madrid.

Engraving workshop 

Taller de Grabado y Creación (TGC) offered us this very special workshop in their country house "El Jacalito" taught by Javier Pérez Aranda and Santiago Roldán, two professional engravers specialised in contemporary art.

Workshop on Consciousness Raising

We spent a weekend finding our inner selves. A journey through introspection to find balance and armony in the beautiful surroundings of Casa Bellota.

This month of September we are working hard to carry on bring you original events to help you shake off the post summer blues. Check for interesting stuff to do in Madrid and Paris at zuigo.com.

31 July, 2013

Check what happened in July on Zuigo Madrid!

Zuigo Madrid went live at the beginning of July, and we are happy to say that the first events listed were a great success. Here is a short summary of the most popular ones, get inspired!

Make up session at a private terrace with mojito drinks!

Gonzalo Para, a professional stylist, organised an original beauty session where the attendees could enjoy fresh mojitos while learning make up tricks. Each of the participants brought the beauty products they usually use and Gonzalo advised them on how to make the best out of them.


Pasta Party - Make your own fresh pasta!

Thanks to Paola, a real Italian "mamma", whose expert advice was key to us being able to cook proper fresh pasta, we enjoyed the most amazing pasta dishes cooked by ourselves in a very fun and exciting evening.

 Cheese tasting with "Pequeña Cocinera" ("Little Cook")

Spain has such a wide variety of cheeses that is almost impossible to know about all of them. In this special cheese tasting, organised by Pequeña Cocinera, we got to learn about cheeses from different Spanish regions in a cozy and layed back environment. We got to touch, smell and taste!

If you would like to see all the events that took place in Madrid, please click here.

To start organizing your own events, just go to Zuigo and press "Organize".

18 July, 2013

2nd Openhouse

Last 11th of July, Zuigo celebrated its 2nd Openhouse for Organizers with a group of very interesting people who introduced us to their very innovative and high quality projects.

We would like to thank them all for coming:
  • Afinarte - a different approach to learning music.
  • Bekool - a place where creativity, intellectuality and avant-garde meet through a programme of varied activities.
  • Casa Bellota - creative workshops with a different style in the contryside.
  • Detente Madrid - shows you the coolest neighbourhoods in Madrid through their shops, people and stories.
  • La Carnicería - whose motto is "life is better with art", tries to bring photography closer to the public by hosting art shows in bizarre places, like food markets, and offering good prices.
  • Likemind Madrid - (likemind) organise breakfast meetings once a month in Madrid for people to do networking.
  • Madway - original tours around Madrid, by foot, bike, roller-blades or any other ecological type of transport.
  • MAEN Músicas y Artes Escénicas Niurka - Music, dance and movement workshops.
  • Photobook club Madrid -a place to share your passion for photography books. 
  • Segway Trip - Segway tours around Madrid.

For those of you who could not attend, we hope to see you at the next openhouse. ¡Do not miss it!

01 July, 2013


Last Wednesday evening, Zuigo opened its doors to a few selected visitors to present its platform.

The idea behind this openhouse was not just to present our project to potential organizers, but to also provide the framework for them to create synergies amongst themselves, as we believe that innovative ideas can easily arise from these type of encounters.

The evening took place in a very relaxed environment, in a loft in a very hip area of Madrid,  where we shared wine and some dim sum while we talked about the business, shared ideas and got to know each other.

The participants learned about Zuigo, but also had the opportunity to meet other likeminded organizers, who are trying to differentiate themselves in a very competitive market, in which originality and "savoir faire" are key to creating great experiences.

The event was very productive, everyone had a good time and we were all delighted to find out about all the interesting projects that are taking shape in Madrid. We would like to thank Pequeña Cocinera, La Gatomaquia, Cenas Clandestinas, Gonzalo Para, Manuela, Javier, and, Yolanda and Remi from Caixa Forum, for their attendance.

For those who weren't able to attend, we hope to see you at the next openhouse on the 11th of July. Don't miss it! 

24 June, 2013

Zuigo going live

After months of hard work, we are happy to say Zuigo is going live. Very much still 'work in progress', but we are inviting in the first organizers to put their events on the site and launching the first campaigns to get in users to come to them.

You are probably here because we have been talking to you about the project. Thanks for your support so far!